Horror fan kicks the hornets’ nest by asking why Mike Flanagan is overlooked in favor of ‘horror Jesus’ Jordan Peele

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JC Olivera / Mike Windle/ Getty Images

The ever-popular horror genre is unquestionably home to several notable filmmakers that are electrifying the genre in modern times. Amongst those innovative auteurs, Nope director Jordan Peele is one of the most celebrated names in horror — especially after projects like Get Out and Us catapulted him to stardom. However, perhaps all the glory given to Peele discounts other modern horror directors that deserve the spotlight — at least, that’s what one passionate fan in particular thinks.

Over on Reddit, user u/gtreble9 posted a thought-provoking thread that questioned why Mike Flanagan — known for his work on Netflix’s The Haunting series, Doctor Sleep, and Oculus — is not praised enough for his incredible work in the horror genre, while Peele is commended on the daily.

The thread unsurprisingly kicked off a lengthy debate, with many horror fans refusing to take a side when it comes to the two men — after all, us fans are grateful for quality horror no matter which modern director it comes from.

Most users metaphorically scratched their heads and wondered when the two directors were even in competition with each other.

Other users took a different approach and pointed out that Peele’s movies are generally more popular, which helps fuel his praise.

Regardless of which director you personally prefer more, there’s no denying that both men have contributed so much to the genre as a whole, and undoubtedly helped to revitalize it after years of senseless remakes and unnecessary reboots. Both men have taken pride in creating spine-tingling stories that keep our horror hearts full — and for that, we choose them both.