Horror Fans Are Discussing A Film That “Terrified The Hell” Out Of Them

Spooky season is our favorite time of year, and horror films are our favorite type of films, so it goes without saying that we’ve been doing little else in our free time but watching scary movies this October. Everything from slasher favorites like Scream, Halloween, and Friday the 13th to The Omen and Amityville Horror and even Hocus Pocus and Haunted Mansion — it’s always time for terrifying goodness as far as we’re concerned.

There are some scary movies, however, that we haven’t watched more than once. A few are so frightening that we can’t sit through the feelings of watching them again. One of those films was the focus of a Reddit discussion yesterday, and it feels like we aren’t the only ones who are completely terrified by it.

One of the lines in The Strangers, perhaps the most crucial line, is why we have such a hard time even considering a rewatch.

“Because you were home.”

The absolutely terrifying four words echoed in the minds of viewers long after they turned off the film. Why did these masked strangers attack their victims? For no other reason than — they could. These people, unassuming and simply existing in their homes, answered a knock at the door and, without realizing it —sealed their fate.

It is one of the most gutting thoughts you could have; that the next knock could be the one that invites death inside.

That comment wasn’t one made ironically; there’s a killer in the background, so hidden that you might blink and miss it — and that’s scarier yet.

The creative minds behind the strangers, the cast, and the crew must feel a special level of success knowing they all worked together to create this level of fear in viewers. The amount of comments that just exude terror from knowing how random the attack was and how real the possibilities of it happening could be.

The terrifying inspiration for the movie will stick with you.

Watching The Strangers at night sounds like a terrible idea, really.

We feel like home invasion phobia is a real thing anyway, but it is way worse after this film.

Some viewers had little to no reaction watching the movie; which is just beyond our realm of understanding.

Did you watch The Strangers? Did you have it in you to watch the second film? What movie terrifies you beyond belief? Let’s talk about it.