Horror Fans Are Gushing Over This Found Footage Film

the borderlands

Found footage movies are a staple to the horror movie universe, and they also draw a fine line between love and hate as far as fans are concerned. There is little gray area in the realm of found footage, but those who love the movies tend to respect them for several reasons.

On social media this fall, fans have been recommending their favorite scary movies on various platforms, with many threads on Reddit dedicated to specific parts of the horror genre.

One of which is found footage, and this Reddit thread focused on one that fans even outside of the found footage realm seem to enjoy.

The Borderlands is a 2013 horror movie that the user saw for the first time just yesterday. They posted a recommendation for other horror fans who enjoy found footage films, calling it one of the first films that made them feel truly disturbed by the end.

While this horror fan says found footage is more of a guilty pleasure for them, The Borderlands is one they’ll recommend to everyone.

This fan said that the movie felt so real, which was part of the appeal of the pull for viewers.

the borderlands

Many fans of the film seemed to love the ending of the movie.

That being said, a few were less than pleased with it—but still paid credit to the film as a whole.

Have you seen The Borderlands? Do you plan to watch it after seeing these recommendations? Let’s talk about it.