Horror Fans Are Recommending “Genuinely Terrifying” Movies

Alex Wolff in character as son Peter looking scared in “Hereditary”

It’s the Halloween season, arguably the best time of the year for horror fans, and the community has banded together to answer a simple question, what are some genuinely terrifying movies to add to this October’s watchlist.

This question was posed to the /r/Horror Reddit where plenty of expected films were highlighted, along with quite a few hidden gems that even the most diehard horror fans may have missed.

As the poster highlights, if you’re after more mainstream “terrifying” horror films you need not look any further than Hereditary, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, but if you’re after some of the lesser-known films here were the most popular suggestions.

The most popular suggestion was the 2016 Independent British horror film A Dark Song. In this film, a woman rents a house along with assistance from an occultist to help her contact her deceased son.

Another suggestion from 2016 comes via the South Korean movie, The Wailing. In this film, the arrival of a mysterious individual into a rural village is linked to a run of brutal murders. This film would most definitely fit the idea of “genuinely terrifying” and something horror fans should all check out.

Other suggestions that horror fans may be interested in watching were Chernobyl, The Eyes of My Mother, The Taking of Deborah Logan, The Haunting, and A Tale of Two Sisters.

If you check all of these out and are still looking for more to binge through here is a look at the original post.