Horror Fans Are Recommending This “Disorienting” Film For Halloween

It’s Halloween so of course, horror fans are digging in deep to find some incredible choices to watch on the spookiest night of the year. Out of all of the choices, it seems the internet has decided to recommend a supernatural comedy horror film — yes that’s a real genre — as the movie of choice.

Hausu, known as House in the US, was released back in 1977. The film that was supposedly inspired by Jaws looks far more like a wild fever dream and has amassed a cult following over the years. Now, the internet is gushing over its strange and wacky scenes over on /r/horror.

There are a few spoilers in the main post, so let’s just share a few reactions to give you a general vibe for what this film is all about, or maybe just confuse and entice you a bit further.

Mmmm… Potassium…

Certainly not your typical father/daughter project!

If this doesn’t describe the general feel of the film, we don’t know what will.

House currently has a 91% rating from critics and an 80% rating from audiences over on Rotten Tomatoes — both impressive numbers. If you want to see and understand this incredibly unique horror experience, you can stream it now on HBO Max and Prime Video.