Horror Fans Are Saying 80s Films Are Better For One Reason

It’s hard to believe that spooky season is drawing to a close, and while we watch scary movies year-round, it just feels more fitting in October. From slasher films to movies that focus on haunts, fans love them all.

Sub-genres exist within the more prominent horror genre that draws a cult following to specific movies, characters, and film ideas. There are icons of horror that stand the test of time — movies so thrilling that we cling to them no matter what modern films come our way.

Reddit threads have been asking many questions concerning scary movies this spooky season, and one fan brought up that today’s films seem to lack a particular key element. This user shared that a crucial missing piece to modern horror films is the anti-consumerism that many scary movies of the 80s seemed to execute so well.

Fans seemed to agree and offer the user suggestions on modern films to watch with a similar message that the original post indicates that the horror-fan misses.

This user suggested Cure for Wellness and noted that the message was hidden beneath the layers of the movie.

Krampus was a recommendation that had many who supported the movie.

This was a new suggestion for us, we plan to watch it this week!

This is a movie that takes a moment to deliver the horror, but the wait is well worth it.

Do you have suggestions for anti-consumerism horror films? Are you going to add any of these recommendations to your watch list this week? Let’s talk about it.