Horror Fans Are Sharing Their Favorite Films With A Fall Vibe For Halloween

With September drawing to a close, the spooky season is now officially upon us. So now is the time to revisit all your favorite movies that get you prepared for Halloween. Generally that means horror films, but not all horrors necessarily capture the autumnal feel of the Halloween season. Some entries in the genre do, while movies in completely other genres also manage to get you in the mood for the fall.

Over on Reddit, film fans have been revealing their personal favorite fall-themed movies. The discussion on the r/horror subreddit started with u/GorrilaJackson asking the question: “With October coming up, what are peoples favorite movies that capture the fall/Halloween/October vibe?” Folks responded with a variety of interesting answers that suit all tastes.

The most-upvoted comment comes from u/mmblum, who voted for 1998’s Sleepy Hollow, the Tim Burton adaptation of the classic Washington Irving ghost story starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci.

Meanwhile, u/Ninopus went for a spooky flick you can watch with all the family – 2012’s underrated stop-motion effort, Paranorman, about a boy who can see ghosts who accidentally starts a zombie uprising.

Another popular suggestion came from u/servecoffee, who went for 2000’s cult classic werewolf horror Ginger Snaps, about two sisters who are obsessed with death.

The cool thing about this thread is many responses highlighted underappreciated films. Case in point, u/domoarigatodrioboto gave a shoutout to M. Night Shyamalan’s 2004 thriller The Village.

2007 anthology horror Trick ‘r’ Treat was mentioned by many people, with u/nomoremammoths also choosing 2014’s found footage flick The Houses October Built and 2013’s Haunt.

Brandon Lee 90s comic book film The Crow was put forward by u/MikeHatSable, along with the original Universal monsters movies.

Meanwhile, u/CuriousMonster9 went for another non-horror with an autumnal vibe – 1998’s witchy romcom Practical Magic, featuring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.

But when you think of Halloween-y films, obviously there’s one that comes to mind first – John Carpenter’s unbeatable original entry in his legendary slasher franchise, 1978’s Halloween.

These are just a few suggestions. Let us know your favorite fall-flavored Halloween movies in the comments.