Horror Fans Are Worried This Iconic Character May Never Return To Cinema

Kane hodder Jason voorhees

Some horror characters are so iconic that it feels as though the genre would be less spectacular without them. Ghostface, Jason, Candyman, Leatherface, Freddy, Carrie, and Michael—the scary movie realm wouldn’t exist in the way it does now if we didn’t have these terrifying characters and their stories.

One of those horror staples has been lying low as of late, even while many others are getting reboots or having new life breathed into them in several ways, and that character is Jason. While some fans are aware of the case around the Friday the 13th films, not all are aware of what has been happening.

A horror fan on Reddit recently shared that the complicated Friday the 13th case may just solidify the fact that we’ll never see Jason in a new film again.

Fans are understandably upset that the legal battle has dragged for this long. Jason is terrifying; everything about him provokes a sense of unease, and his movies have always been entertaining if, at times, uninspired. Fans want more of his story; they’d like to see machete-wielding maniac return once again.

Here’s what fans are saying about the possibility of never having Jason return to the big screen.

This fan has an idea for a new type of character, Mason…he wears a lacrosse helmet.

This fan is sure that a letter to all parties involved will bring them to their senses; don’t worry, they’ve got a lot on their mind.

When someone asked for a TL; DR version, two comments gave an excellent summary of what’s been going on.

This fan reminds us that Jason always comes back…maybe that’ll ring true for his time in the spotlight.

This user reminds us that lawsuits don’t last forever and shares that they believe Jason will be back. He makes money; his idea is still relevant in pop culture; they’d be silly not to take opportunities to embrace that.

This fan also brought up a condensed version of what’s been going on.

This fan says maybe it’s time to let poor Mr. Voorhees rest. He was a slasher villain and horror icon, but we can’t have new ones if we don’t have the space for them. They’re hoping someone takes a chance on a new character and story.

We have a soft spot for the classics but love finding new horror films and characters, too. Do you want to see more of Jason, or would you rather someone invest in a new monster like the last fan comment? Let’s talk about it.