Horror Fans Are Going Crazy For New Army Of The Dead Trailer


His four-hour version of Justice League might still be dominating the conversation close to a month after it premiered on HBO Max, but it’s already time to get hyped for Zack Snyder’s next directorial effort. Army of the Dead is coming to Netflix on May 21st, and as the release date edges ever closer, the streaming service has finally unleashed the first full-length trailer for the movie.

Snyder promised that his return to the world of the undead would deliver pure zombie mayhem, and it definitely looks that way. The promo tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Army of the Dead, and if you’re on board with its high concept, then it appears as if it’s going to be an absolute blast. The film follows Dave Bautista as he leads his team on a high risk heist right in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, but these aren’t the slow-moving or shuffling kind.

Area 51 is set to play a prominent role in the mythology behind the zombie outbreak, which could go some way to explaining why they appear to be so advanced, and the trailer makes a point of noting that they’re faster, smarter and more organized, which should present plenty of opportunities to put a fresh twist on one of horror’s most popular subgenres. Needless to say, fans are already excited for the pic, as you can see from the reactions below.

Army of the Dead is just the beginning of a multimedia franchise for Netflix, with a prequel in the can and awaiting release and anime companion series Lost Vegas in the works. It’s Snyder’s first non-DCEU film since Sucker Punch a decade ago, too, and it looks like his creative juices have been allowed to run wild.