Horror fans remember one of the decade’s biggest and most terrifying hits

The horror realm saw a big rebirth in the 2010s as franchises started to die out in the genre, and studios focused on new, promising filmmakers getting a chance.

One of the best to come from this renaissance was 2015’s It Follows and fans are now gathering together to praise what was a subdued but deeply terrifying tale.

Featuring a terrific opening scene that sets the tone perfectly, the film sees a serial killer-like villain come in the form of a sexually transmitted disease. A fun and original concept, it could also be argued to represent the actual HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1990s, or as one poster suggests, the inevitability of death.

Humorously, one user reminisced on their first time watching the film on a first date of all things. Nothing to put a potential partner in the mood like a movie monster that kills the sexually active. Which itself is a great horror tradition.

The soundtrack artists received high praise for their work on the film, with Disasterpiece’s score filled with John Carpenter-esque vibes. Their gigs after It Follows include 2022’s Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Described as one of the best horror films of the 2010s, it’s hard to argue its place in such a conversation. Alongside it would be the likes of Hereditary, Midsommar, The Witch, Get Out, and Us. It feels like a new golden age for horror, and with spooky season just around the corner what better time to rewatch It Follows?

It Follows is currently available to stream on Netflix