Horror fans shout out an overlooked supernatural gem

A still from “Devil” showing the cast staring into the camera
via Universal Pictures

A middlingly-ridiculous M. Night Shyamalan film is getting praised by horror fans.

Devil, a 2010 elevator-set supernatural thriller directed by John Erick Dowdle and based on a Shyamalan story, is the newest unique target of admiration on r/horror. “Rewatched Devil recently,” Booth_Templeton announced to open the discussion. “That ending scene made the movie,” they continued. “Who here likes the film?”

As the nearly 600 upvotes and 150 comments indicate, many do, and they especially like the ending scene:

While Grouchy_Competition5 likes the ending as well, they contend that “the opening and ending scenes were pretty much all that was needed.” They still like the film, though.

Yes, the middle is filled with Shyamalan fixins, which is apt because one of the most memorable scenes involves jelly toast:

Jelly toast aside, Devil has enough suspense and intrigue to please most viewers. “I caught it at a late night showing when it was in theaters and the scenes where the lights went out were super effective,” wrote JupiterCrash92. “You could hear a pin drop.” User jcb7414 was particularly taken by the film’s single setting: “I’m a fan of any movie where a large majority of the time is in a single setting. It’s puts [sic] a lot on the actors to bring out the story and feels more like a play.” Similar thoughts abound:

Of course, there are a few full-blown haters (“the ending was really f***ing predictable and you could see it from a mile man that movie suck [sic]” – Jack3ww) but the Reddit consensus is that Devil is a devilishly good time.