Horror Fans “Start A Bar Brawl” With Their Controversial Takes On The Genre

The horror genre has many subcultures full of fans who love and appreciate various aspects of their go-to films and storylines. While some love slasher films, others prefer ghostly adventures, and some only watch classics while others enjoy new scary movies. There are fans for every type of terrifying film out there and opinions that follow.

While some horror opinions are accurate for most fans, this Reddit user wanted to focus on those less popular ideas. They asked for scary views that are controversial enough to start a bar brawl.

From the classics to the new film’s argument to which masked killer is epic and a little boring, these opinions span a lot of horror favorites.

This fan says Scream Queens was better than American Horror Story; while we can’t quite decide between the two — there are definitely episodes of both that we genuinely love.

VelociPastor was undoubtedly an experience.

This fan brought up a good point; sometimes, it’s hard to accept new things being great when you’re a massive fan of the classics. They say that both can be great.

This opinion had many responses that agreed and even brought up other kills from the film.

We agree with this user, too — we enjoy jump scares.

This user, and many others, agree that Terminator is a slasher film, and it scared a lot of horror fans.

This opinion comes up a lot in horror — many fans are against remakes for a multitude of reasons. They don’t like new casting choices or think the original film should be touched; it can be hard to reboot a classic, but several fans are usually excited about the prospect. It’s a fine line to tiptoe.

This fan says Jason is dull, and the comment reply showed that it might be one of those bar brawl-starting opinions. Many fans noted that Jason was great simply because the movies were so…slasher-centric.

While this horror idea had many in agreement, some thought that other ‘final girls’ did it better than Sidney. If we had to pick…we think it just might be Sidney for us, too.

What are some of your controversial horror opinions? Do you share any of those listed here? Let’s talk about it.