Horror fans still falling over themselves to celebrate an all-time great

Evil Dead
via New Line Cinema

Amongst a plethora of spine-tingling franchises in the massive horror bubble, the Evil Dead franchise is undoubtedly one of the most influential and memorable film series to date. But, before the franchise completely exploded into the horror phenomenon that it is today, Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead made a life-long impression on horror fans more than three decades ago — which still continues to garner plenty of praise from movie-lovers around the world.

Over on r/horror, user u/KenraaliPancho posted an in-depth analysis on the supernatural horror, while mentioning that they watched the film for the first time (shocking!) and was thrilled by the minuscule breadcrumbs of detail that went into creating the unforgettable movie. Amongst the finer details were the film’s practical effects, bone-chilling gore, and sheer brutality — which eventually led to the uncut version of the movie being banned in Germany until a few years ago.

Many commenters immediately jumped at the golden opportunity to praise the long-standing franchise, with one user unapologetically confessing love for all the movies.

Another passionate fan directly stated that the film absolutely terrified them during their first watch of the film.

Another user went out on a limb and called it the “most terrifying horror film ever made,” and amidst a list of credible horror films, that’s certainly an impressive accomplishment for Raimi and his team.

Despite its release in the hoppin’ ‘80s, The Evil Dead comfortably still stands as one of the most significant horror movies in the genre. And, with Evil Dead Rise — which will serve as the fifth installment in the series — set to release sometime later this year, fans can expect another wild journey in the storybook franchise, especially with veterans Raimi and Campbell set as executive producers.