New Netflix Horror Film Is So Disturbing It’s Making Viewers Sick


It should come as no surprise that some films, particularly horror flicks, have a tendency to make viewers uncomfortable, or in a few cases, a little queasy. Whether it be a mix of disturbing themes, haunting visuals, or an excess of blood and gore, the odd moviegoer might not be able to stave off a feeling of nausea, and that seems to be the case with The Perfection, a new horror film from Netflix.

The movie follows elite cello player Charlotte (played by Allison Williams, of Get Out fame) as she travels to China to immerse herself back into the world of music, having taken some time off to care for her dying mother. During her trip, she meets up with former teacher Anton (Steven Webber), as well as one of his students, Lizzie (Logan Browning). After a night of partying and a sexual encounter, the two women become fast friends and head off to explore the countryside. It’s at this point where things take a turn for the worse.

Lizzie soon falls ill, and she begins to vomit up bugs and maggots. Needless to say, this part of The Perfection is a bit hard to watch, and by all reports, it’s one of the milder moments of the movie. Regardless, plenty of Netflix viewers weren’t able to sit through the scene, with several suffering from feelings of nausea, vomiting and headaches while watching the film.


This is the first we’ve heard of anyone getting sick from watching a Netflix movie, but we’ll definitely keep our ears to the ground for additional reports. If you’ve yet to watch The Perfection though, you may want to hold off if you’re the squeamish type.