Hot Tub Time Machine On Track For A Sauna Sequel

“It’s a hot tub … time machine.”

Honestly, that’s the only line I remember from Hot Tub Time Machine. But I also remember that it was pretty damn funny for a movie about a hot tub time machine. Now there’s talk of a sequel, because very good comedy gets a sequel.

Despite an excellent cast in Rob Corddry, John Cusack, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke, Hot Tub Time Machine did not do so hot at the box office. It did have some pretty bad luck being released the same time as How To Train Your Dragon and Alice In Wonderland, both family films in 3D that it really could not compete with. Which was a shame, since the whole enterprise was good fun. So it’s a bit of a surprise that MGM is now talking sequel with three of the four main stars, and original director Steve Pink. The hold-out? John Cusack, who led the pack in the last one.

See, that’s the part that worries me. As much fun as Corddry, Robinson and Duke were, I cannot see any of them holding their own without a really strong anchor (read: actor) in the lead role. Cusack brought his formidable chops to what could have been a ridiculous role. He made the film and I don’t see a sequel being much good without him.

It’s early days yet, though, and nothing has been set in stone. While Cusack is not yet involved, there’s no saying what he’ll do in a couple of months. Corddry will reportedly write the sequel along with Steve Pink, if it goes ahead. Other than that, no other cast or plot details seem forthcoming.

Hot Tub Time Machine left Corddry’s character in the 80s to become the inventor of not-Google. Could this one bring the boys back to the 90s (were those really that long ago?) or perhaps to their childhood selves in the late-70s? I don’t know. This doesn’t move me to flights of fancy.

What do you think? Is there any reason for a Hot Tub Time Machine sequel, or should MGM leave well enough alone? Let us know in the comments below.