Hotel Transylvania 4 Just Failed To Release, And The Internet Is Mad

hotel transylvania 3

The pandemic has thrown many movies’ release strategies for a loop, but Hotel Transylvania 4 might have had the weirdest experience of the lot. After being pushed back a bunch of times over the past year, Sony finally elected to cancel its theatrical run and sell the film’s rights to Amazon Prime Video back in August. Before the sale, the animated flick — subtitled Transformania — was set to land on October 1st. But now that we’re past that date and it’s not here, fans are wondering… where the heck is it?

One angry would-be viewer hit back at Prime and Sony on Twitter recently to complain about the movie’s lack of release, and they received a strangely worded response from the Amazon Help page.

Amazon’s tweet made it sound like the streaming platform had been expecting to receive Hotel Transylvania 4 on the first of the month only for Sony not to give it to them. And folks on social media are having a field day with that.

At least it’s breaking some kind of record.


The replies to the original Amazon tweet are being filled with people sharing increasingly ridiculous stories about how upset their kids are.

“I’m so disappointed, sad and without bathrooms.”

On the other hand, other kids are just mildly dissatisfied.

A reminder that Adam Sandler isn’t voicing Drac in this one (Brian Hull is). So maybe they shouldn’t release it until they get him back.

On a more serious note, it’s a shame how this film’s been treated. It must be hard for those who worked on it to have their work indefinitely shelved like this.

Even though this Halloween would’ve been the perfect time for it, hopefully Sony and Prime will be able to decide on a new release date for Hotel Transylvania: Transformania at some point soon.