AFTER HOURS: Abigail Breslin and Vampires, Zac Efron Replaces, Charlize Theron Joins Prometheus


After Hours. What is After Hours? Well it is a movie column named after one of my favorite Martin Scorsese films. After Hours will feature any movie news we might have missed during the day. After all we are human.

First we got another vampire novel adaptation in the works. This time actress Abigail Breslin will take on a different form of the undead. Variety is reporting that Breslin will star in Hilary Broughter’s film adaptation of Innocence, a novel by Jane Mendelsohn. The film will also star Julianne Moore (The Kids Are Alright). Breslin will play as a young girl who attends a private school that harbors vampires.

Shooting is expected to begin in the summer.

Zac Efron fans have something to look forward to. Fresh off his performance in Charlie St. Cloud, Efron is confirmed to have a lead role in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. Producer Albert Berger confirmed that Efron would be replacing Shia LaBeouf’s role of Charlie.

The synopsis of the film will follow Charlie, who after the death of his mother, heads to Europe to find himself. There, he meets a girl and falls in love. While things seem flowery at first, it immediately takes a turn for the worst. She already belongs to a violent crime boss with an incredible amount of thugs at his disposal. This does not stop Charlie as he is will tolerate any and all beatings he will receive from the crime boss. The film is said to be in the same vein as in Pulp Fiction.

Matt Drake wrote the screenplay for the film, who not only got his script Countryman, approved by the same people who complied the Black List in 2007, but he penned the screen play for Project-X, a low budget R-rated comedy produced by Todd Phillips.

There is some exciting news for Ridley Scott fans and his next project Prometheus. Charlize Theron is officially joining the cast of the sci-fi movie, and will star alongside with Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, reports THR. This leaves more two major roles empty. Although Scott has said that even though the film is an original, fans “will still recognize strands of Alien DNA.”

But wait, Fassbender spoke to MTV in an interview and has gone on and said that there’s a definite connecting vein to Alien:

“Oh, absolutely. There’s a definite connecting vein,” Fassbender told MTV News. “You realize you’re part of something else, but it’s definitely in keeping with the old ones.”

Although it explores other areas of that universe, it appears that Prometheus and Alien exist in the same space. For Fassbender, that connection was initially a bit overwhelming:

“When I read it, I was like, ‘Well, okay, another Alien. Where do you go with this idea?’ And then I sort of read the script, and it’s new, yet it’s in keeping with the old traditions as well. But there’s a whole new revelation within this film. The first ‘Alien’ [movies], they were thrillers,” he continued. “Something’s going on. It’s creeping, it’s sinister. Things are happening, it’s building, [and there are] different sorts of intrigues and politics going on between the different relationships on board.”

There you have it, until we see something else in the trailers and the actual movie itself, we will explore the Alien story but in a different universe.


According to Latino Review, Captain America: The First Avenger apparently is so good, it has warranted a sequel and that Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, the screenwriters who penned the first Captain America, have been hired to write the sequel. That must say a lot about Thor if it hasn’t got the green light for a screenplay to be written.

In other news, James Wan, director of SAW, Death Sentence, and Dead Silence, has signed an eight picture deal with ICON. The deal calls for Wan to produce two films a year. The deal has Wan acting as producer for these films with a chance to move in as director. Wan doesn’t see himself creating any romantic dramas anytime soon and will be sticking to what he knows, low budget horror films.

Finally we have news from the Associated Press that confirms Disney•Pixar surprised Cars 2 director John Lassester with a cameo. Lassester will play as John Lassetire, a member of a pit crew for a high profiled racer. No that is not a typo, that is the actual name.

“It was news to me,” said Lasseter, who is also serving as a director on the sequel. “I did not know about that, so I was a little surprised. I ended up voicing this character. It was just one line, but now I have a ‘Cars’ character. I’m very excited about that. He’s a good ol’ American pick-up truck, which I think is very appropriate for John Lassetire.”

That’s it for tonight’s edition of After Hours. See you guys Monday night.

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