First Look At The House From The Grudge Reboot

The Grudge

The Grudge

If you possessed any doubt that Hollywood had kicked its remake fever, one need only simply look toward The Grudge as the latest example proving this malady won’t end anytime soon. Actually, I’d say the horror genre is mostly responsible for the trend spreading its tendrils throughout Tinseltown, but that’s a discussion for another day.

So, whether you’re willing to accept it or not, the latest installment in the franchise that’s captivated both Japanese and American audiences for some time now is indeed on its way. Even so, it’s hard to label the damn thing. Do we call it a reboot or a re-remake? Don’t forget the 2004 flick starring Sarah Michelle Gellar was, in fact, based on Ju-On, a prior work originating from across the Pacific.

Said to be a re-imagining of the concept, it should be intriguing to see how the next yarn to be spun will examine these strange hauntings from a different perspective. In the meantime, though, the house that’ll serve as ground zero for such abominations has been circulating on social media, and can be viewed below.

One way how this effort might differ from 2004’s is that it may end up being granted the R-rating, as writer Jeff Buhler’s words still echo in our minds:

“I will shocked if I am involved with a PG-13 movie ever. It’s not by choice, but even if you cut out gore, there are often conceptual ideas or psychological ideas that are not appropriate for children in certain storytelling, and that tends for me to be the place in which I live.”

Though we aren’t necessarily expecting carnage candy, it’d behoove writer/director Nicolas Pesce to make sure his contribution to the franchise stands out among the others. As such, it wouldn’t hurt to go in a darker direction.

The Grudge arrives in theaters on August 16th, 2019.