The House From Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers Is Up For Sale And Open For Tours


Horror savants love spending time in the place where their favorite slashers were filmed, and now, some lucky fans are going to get the opportunity to live in the exact house where Jamie Lloyd lived with her family while trying to avoid the dangerous Michael Myers. That’s right, folks: the residence that served as one of the main settings of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is now officially on sale.

Following the disappointing third installment, which is the only film in the series not to feature the legendary masked killer as the primary antagonist, the iconic franchise returned to its roots with the next movie. The psychotic killer was brought back with a vengeance, though this time he was fixated on pursuing his young niece Jamie Lloyd, who was played by acclaimed scream queen Danielle Harris in her onscreen debut.

Lloyd, the daughter of Myers’ sister Laurie Strode, lives in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois with her foster family. In reality, however, the movie was mostly shot in Utah and that’s precisely where the real house that was used as the backdrop for many of Myers’ grisly murders is located.

It’s also the same residence that’s now on the market. The impressive four-bedroom home can be found at 509 E. 3rd Avenue N in Salt Lake City and is currently being listed at $879,900. Tours can be scheduled online, for any interested homebuyers, and the official listing offers quite a flowery portrait of the place:

“The minute you step foot into this fully renovated Victorian, you know you are home. This thoughtful renovation proves that you can have a perfect collaboration of Victorian meets modern. Gorgeous grand entrance and staircase, opening into Formal Living and Dining space. Stunning open gourmet kitchen with ample bar seating as well as informal dining space and the rare but wonderful butlers pantry adding prep, storage and counter space to your kitchen. Ample storage in the basement and Garage. Sitting porch. Updated electrical and plumbing.”

Notice that the description doesn’t mention anything about a man in a white mask running around chopping people up. It’ll be a real shame if anyone other than a hardcore horror fan purchases this house, though that’s likely what will end up happening.

While it’s still for sale, any Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers fans in the area should definitely go check it out. Those who who live too far away though will just have to settle for rewatching the underrated film and excitedly counting down the days until Michael Myers creeps onto the big screen next.