Is Warner Bros. “Nervous” About How Batman V Superman Will Be Perceived?


Over the last few days, a slew of rumors relating to Warner Bros.’ apparent concerns about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice have been doing the rounds. All claim to come from studio insiders, but since none of that can be corroborated, there’s every chance that they’re exaggerated, if not straight up clickbait nonsense.

That said, the latest report from Latino Review is a lot more leveled and might be worth taking note of. According to the site, Warners aren’t necessarily worried about the quality of the film, but are more nervous about how it’ll be perceived. Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel divided both fans and critics and didn’t make nearly as much as the studio would have liked, and now there’s a chance the director’s follow-up will be just as polarizing.


Here’s an excerpt from the report:

To be clear, he [their insider] loved MOS. And he’s seen BATMAN V SUPERMAN, and he really liked it, too. But he also recalls how that first film came out and split audiences and critics alike. It wasn’t the kind of universal crowd-pleaser that DC wanted then, and that trend may very well continue with BvS.  Again, this isn’t to say that the film is bad. Not at all. But it’s not for everyone, and that’s making the suits nervous, as there’s a lot riding on this film and they’d rather it have turned out more accessible. And the comparison to MOS is a troublesome one, because that film made $668 million worldwide- well short of what they hope BvS will bank for them.

Snyder’s films have always been divisive, so if this is on the level, Warner Bros. probably should have put a bit more thought into who they wanted heading up their burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe. Personally, I’m a fan, but I do recognize that his style isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Perhaps that’s something the studio is just going to have to accept though, and not bank on Star Wars: The Force Awakens-level earnings when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens next month.

I guess we’ll find out pretty soon, but in the meantime, tell us, do you think WB have a hit on their hands with BvS?

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