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How Did Rebel Wilson Achieve Her Spectacular Weight Loss?

She used a very specific weight loss method.

Australian comic Rebel Wilson is a familiar face on television and film. Since she arrived on the international scene with a career-changing role in 2011’s Bridesmaids, Rebel’s entertained us as a comedian, actress, singer, and writer. But recently, fans have been amazed at her transformation after what she’s called a “Year of Health.”

In January 2020, Rebel told followers that she aimed to drop her weight to 165 pounds by the end of the year. She documented her journey on Instagram throughout the pandemic, revealing that she had lost 60 pounds by October 2020. Referencing her character from the Pitch Perfect films, Rebel thrilled fans when she announced her new nickname was Fit Amy.

She has continued to showcase her transformation in 2021, along with insights into how she’s managed it.

How did Rebel Wilson lose weight?

Rebel’s “Year of Health” required commitment and hard work. She started by walking more and avoiding sugar and junk food. While she credited moderate walking as essential for shedding body fat, she also revealed the combination of factors that helped her transformation as the year went on.

Rebel undertook exercise sessions with celebrity trainer Jono Castrano, sometimes every day. Early routines included hikes and sprints. 

Rebels mixed those regular exercise routines with the Mayr Method. Named after the Austrian doctor who developed it, the method targets the improvement of health through digestion. Participants like Rebel give up snacking, cut down on gluten and dairy products, and are encouraged to take a mindful approach to the way they eat. That means concentrating on meals without distraction and eating at a slower pace. Under the Mayr Method, meals are based on food groups with high alkaline content. Those include fresh fish, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

While she had tried diets before, Rebel said that she hadn’t had much success. Rebel shared that she had previously consumed 3000 calories every day and that the pressures of her fame had led to emotional eating. While she’d never eaten much meat before, her new holistic approach meant switching to a protein-rich diet. 

Rebel has explained that the pandemic allowed her to focus on her health and swap bad habits for good ones. While her target was for a healthy balance rather than becoming super slim, she’s undoubtedly shown her approach works and that she’s sticking to it. Her trainer has commented that Rebel’s long-term approach to health highlighted that weight loss takes time and that transformations like these are a never-ending process. 

While her transformation has boosted her confidence to super-confidence, Rebel has been honest with fans about how hard it’s been throughout. The comedian has enjoyed their backing throughout her journey and has frequently thanked them for their support.

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