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How does Moon Knight’s suit work?

This brooding moon themed vigilante is one Marvel's biggest mysteries, especially when it comes to his unusual attire.

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Moon Knight

Marvel’s latest superhero series has taken streaming by storm with the first two installments of Moon Knight on Disney Plus. Starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, Moon Knight looks to take the MCU in an entirely new direction. Housing multiple personalities, backstories and abilities, the former mercenary turned hero known as Marc Spector is as mysterious as he is confusing to many fans unfamiliar with the character’s origin. 

Showcasing countless changes to the masked Avenger since Moon Knight’s introduction in the classic 1975 comic Werewolf by Night #32, it’s hard to keep track of all the tools that the Fist of Khonshu has at his disposal, most notably Moon Knight’s iconic suit. 

One of the biggest differences between the comics and the show happens to be how the Marvel Cinematic Universe tackles Moon Knight’s signature attire. What started out as much more of a practical take on costuming in the comics has been altered for the show to become a mythical suit of seemingly infinite possibilities.

Moon Knight’s suit in the comics

During Moon Knight’s time as a part of Marvel’s gallery of heroes his suit has always been homemade. Forgoing any of the magical Egyptian armaments, the character opts for tactical gear like kevlar, adamantium, power gauntlets, and various other pieces of equipment that the hero may need in a pinch. 

Moon Knight’s alter egos Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley (who has yet to be introduced in the show) build out his suit depending on what the brooding warrior requires for his missions. Good old fashion suits are hard to come by these days in the post Iron Man Marvel Universe, and although that approach is more real-world, it certainly isn’t as interesting. 

Moon Knight’s suit in the show

In the show, Moon Knight’s suit is immediately retconned to be an otherworldly garment summoned using the help of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Instead of putting on a self made suit; the show’s suit seemingly warps Marc’s body, creating a mummified costume unlike anything seen in the MCU. 

moon knight
Image via Disney Plus

Mr. Knight suit (minor spoilers ahead)

Not forgetting a fan favorite, the “Mr. Knight” suit is a crucial part of the Moon Knight mythos and was recently introduced in Episode 2 of the Disney Plus series. Originally an entirely different persona of Marc Spector’s, Mr. Knight is a consultant that does the bulk of Moon Knight’s detective work. Opting for diplomacy over violence, Mr. Knight is a much more compassionate rendition of the feared crime fighter. Unaffiliated with any of the other personalities inside Marc’s head, Mr. Knight is entirely independent. 

The show however adds a small twist to Mr. Knight’s genesis, connecting the suit to one of Marc’s personalities: Steven Grant. Instead of being wholly separate from the other personas, Steven receives a suit of his own and gives fans a look at perhaps the most comic book accurate Marvel costume to date. 

It is unclear whether the suit gives Moon Knight his superhuman abilities, or if he possesses powers in spite of the getup. It is clear that the cape and cowl cut an imposing figure on screen and off. With the third episode of Moon Knight hitting Disney Plus this Wednesday, hopefully more light can shed on a hero who spends a lot of his time underneath the light of the moon.

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