New Avengers 4 Theory Says Ghost May Be Involved


Forget Hank and Janet’s mooted origin story for just a moment and those rumors concerning Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s potential ties to Captain Marvel; for in this new MCU theory, it’s suggested that Ava Starr (Ghost) will be swinging by Avengers 4 in some shape or form.

As points out, Ghost changed allegiances mid-way through Ant-Man and the Wasp, when it was revealed that, in a tragic twist of fate, her reality-altering skillset is also the one thing that’s killing her, and it’s up to Scott Lang and his newly-formed team to deep dive into the Quantum Realm in order to find a cure – or something to that effect.

They find a solution in the form of Quantum energy, which is used to stabilize Ghost to some degree. So assuming she’s still alive by the time Ant-Man and the Wasp is over, and she was among the 50 percent who survived Thanos’ snap, there’s a very good chance she could move between realities in order to save Scott from the Quantum Realm.

MCU boss Kevin Feige certainly isn’t ruling out the possibility, either; back when Ant-Man and the Wasp was just making its debut in the States, the Marvel executive hinted at Ghost’s potential future in the MCU, which may or may not involve a cameo appearance during the so-far untitled Avengers 4.

In this case, the story was always – spoiler! – to keep her around. This was not the story of defeating a villain and everybody cheering. This is a different kind of villain story. When and where – in the tag, he mentions ‘his new Ghost friend’ – is something we’ll see. But there’s nothing better than struggling over the decision about what characters to bring into a movie, casting those characters, writing and putting them together in a way that works in the movie, and then have audiences go ‘We love them, when are we going to see them again?’ Shuri for sure is a great example of that. So with Ghost it is, step one: complete. As for step two, we’ll see where we go with that.

Avengers 4 is currently on course for a theatrical release on May 3rd, 2019, and only then will we know the true extent of Ghost’s fate…