The Answer To How Hulk’s Pants Stay On Has Finally Been Revealed


For as long as the Incredible Hulk has been in the cultural conscience, fans have marveled (get it??) at how, despite his shirt and shoes tearing when he transforms, his pants remain in tact. Well, it appears that an answer has finally been provided, and it’s surprisingly simple when you think about it.

In a resurfaced interview with Stan Lee (and who are we to argue with the man?), the Marvel creator and ultimate granddaddy of comic books revealed that the Hulk was actually gifted a pair of special stretchy trousers by the Fantastic Four‘s own Reed Richards. Actually, it would have been Hulk’s calmer alter-ego Bruce Banner who’d have been given the trousers, not the green behemoth himself. Speaking of the Fantastic Four though, it’s possible that they’re made from the same material that the team’s costumes are made of.

This is explored even further in additional Hulk movies, too. If you’ll recall, when Edward Norton played the role, he simply purchased the stretchy pants himself. But when Eric Bana took over, a wardrobe embarrassment meant that he was issued special clothing by the military.

And while we’re on the subject of pants, there’s actually a fan-inspired reason as to why Hulk’s trousers are famously purple. According to one devoted follower of the green giant (no, not that one), the reason why they’re purple is because of the gamma radiation he gives off when he transforms. This radiation ultimately dyed the pants, giving Hulk that trademark green/purple contrast that comic book artists love.

Who knew that so much could be said about a pair of – admittedly quite famous – pants? If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on here though, it’s delving into the important questions and answers. And we hope you’re now satisfied that this great Marvel mystery has finally been solved.