How Much Money Daniel Radcliffe Made From Harry Potter


By the time he’d left his teenage years behind, Daniel Radcliffe had already earned more money than most of us could ever dream of seeing in a lifetime. Of course, that comes with the territory when you’re the title character and leading man of what was the biggest franchise in the history of cinema until the Marvel Cinematic Universe came along, with the eight installments in the Harry Potter series bringing in over $8 billion at the box office.

Radcliffe has long since resigned himself to the fact that he’ll never be able to escape from Harry’s shadow, so he’s used his fame and name recognition to interesting effect by signing on to a variety of projects you’d never expect to see him in. He was Swiss Army Man‘s farting corpse, a cursed murder suspect in Horns, a South African political prisoner in Escape from Pretoria, a stranded Israeli adventurer in Jungle, an undercover white supremacist in Imperium and a cocaine-smuggling pilot in Beast of Burden.


Indeed, money hasn’t been a concern of the 31 year-old’s for quite some time, so he’s gone out on a limb to reinvent himself as one of the most daring and exciting young talents in the business. Of course, it also helps that he’s wealthy enough to know that no matter how risky the project, he’ll always have those Harry Potter dollars to fall back on.

Radcliffe was paid a million bucks for Sorcerer’s Stone, which tripled to $3 million for Chamber of Secrets and then doubled again to $6 million for Prisoner of Azkaban. His salary went up to $14 million for Order of the Phoenix, and he’s estimated to have pocketed roughly $25 million apiece for the final three movies. That’s close to $100 million without even factoring in royalties and residuals, so Harry Potter will certainly be the financial gift that keeps on giving for the rest of his days.