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How old is Flynn Rider from ‘Tangled?’

Older than some expected, but not that much — thankfully.

Flynn Rider from Tangled
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To this day, Tangled is still one of Disney’s most beloved animated movies, and Flynn Rider ranks high in the fan-favorite characters list. Otherwise known as Eugene Fitzherbert, this thief displays extreme confidence in his abilities and looks, often attempting to charm his way out of inconvenient situations. Despite the cockiness, Eugene is beloved for his comedic behavior and caring heart, which is particularly noticeable when it comes to Rapunzel.

In the movie, we don’t learn much about Eugene, other than his reasoning for going by a different name, and that he’s an orphan. Taking into account that the story is not centered around Eugene, this is understandable; however, one particular detail has always sparked curiosity among viewers — Eugene’s age.

What is Eugene Fitzherbert’s age in Tangled?

In the movie, Eugene’s age is never mentioned, but considering his appearance and overall attitude, it’s feasible to assume that he has a few years on Rapunzel. After the movie’s release, Tangled writers spoke about the character’s age on a few occasions, and the general consensus seemed to be that Eugene is in his twenties, with the number 22 being mentioned twice. The story would not end there, though.

In the season two finale of Tangled: The Series, an animated TV show set after the events of the movie, Eugene is revealed to be the son of King Edmund, which changes more than the character’s backstory. With this bit of new information thrown into the mix, Eugene is confirmed to be 25 years old in that episode, later becoming 26 in the series’ third and final season. Now, we only need to do the math.

The animated series takes place two or three years after the events of Tangled, which means that Eugene must’ve been 23 or 24 in the movie. This also means that in Tangled Ever After, when Rapunzel and Eugene finally tie the knot, he is 26 years old, if not older.

If you’d like to revisit Eugene and Rapunzel’s story, you can find Tangled and Tangled: The Series available for streaming on Disney Plus.

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