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How Tall Is Kid Laroi?

How tall is the breakout teen star?

Much like Billie Eilish, Kid Laroi is a teenager quickly rising to megastar status and musical acclaim. From Soundcloud fame to inking a deal with Columbia Records, the 18-year-old Australian rapper/singer/songwriter has been working steadily to build his name up in the music industry. Over the course of his career, he’s worked with several big-time American artists like Denzel Curry, the late Juice WRLD, and Polo G, cementing him in the new wave of popular music. Recently, he’s been heavy on radio playlists as his single with Justin Bieber, “Stay,” has remained at the top of Billboard three weeks in a row. However, as the music video for “Stay” has managed to gain an impressive 114 million views in only a month, fans of both artists have noticed that there is a substantial height difference between the two pop stars. So how tall is The Kid Laroi exactly?

The Kid Laroi–whose real name is Charlton Howard–was born on August 17, 2003, in New South Wales, Australia. Even at an early age, Laroi was brought up in entertainment as his parents are heavily involved in the industry. According to Famous Births Deaths, his mother, Sloan Howard, is currently a music executive and model manager, while his dad, Nick Howard, is a sound engineer and a record producer. Like most children of the entertainment industry, Laroi quickly took an interest in music and actually completed his education at the Australian Performing Arts Grammar School. 

Starting at 14, Laroi began recording and releasing several songs to his SoundCloud page in 2018 before achieving recognition for the single, “Winning”–which gained 2.5 million spins in six months–on the independent artist streaming platform in August 2019. Later that year, Laroi signed to Columbia Records and released his debut single, “Let Her Go,” which instantly became a breakout hit with more than 46 million streams on SoundCloud and YouTube altogether. It wasn’t long before the Australian teenager caught the attention of many other rising American artists and stars in the industry, which led to his most famous friendships with Lyrical Lemonade director Cole Bennett and the late Juice WRLD.

As fans of each other’s music, Juice WRLD and Laroi toured Australia in 2019 together, collaborating on several songs that unfortunately didn’t get released until after Juice WRLD’s death in early 2019. 

The Chicago rapper/songwriter’s tragic passing affected many people worldwide, including Cole Bennett and Laroi. In remembrance of his friend and mentor, Laroi released “Tell Me Why” in July of 2020 as a single from his debut mixtape, F*ck Love, that would later take the #3 spot on the Billboard 200. He would also release “Go,” featuring a verse from Juice WRLD while the two were kicking it in Australia for Laroi’s birthday.

Thanks to the success of F*ck Love, Laroi started to get more features from big-name artists. He worked with Miley Cyrus on the song “Without You”–which was later featured on a deluxe edition of F*ck Love in November 2020–and was later featured on the single “Unstable” from Justin Bieber’s Justice that was released in March 2021. 

The two have become good friends and have even worked together again for “Stay,” the lead single from his upcoming mixtape, F*ck Love: Over You, which dropped in July and is sitting comfortably at No.1 on the Billboard charts for the fourth week in a row. With two features, a music video, and several appearances with the Canadian pop star, The Kid Laroi has definitely found a new mentor in Justin Bieber. However, fans have once again begun to notice how much smaller Justin is than his 18-year-old protege. So exactly how tall is The Kid Laroi?

Unfortunately, there are a few conflicting reports on that. Some outlets have reported that The Kid Laroi is 5’7″, but given that Justin Bieber is 5’9″, I find that a little hard to believe. Others have reported that he’s 5′ 10″, which is slightly more plausible but still not likely. 

Like Post Malone, Laroi himself had stated before on social media that he was in the 6ft category. According to The Focus, he’s actually mentioned in several live streams. And after seeing this picture of him standing next to Justin Bieber, that’s something I can believe. 

If we’re honest, Laroi is still young and definitely has one or two more years to grow some more. So there’s actually a good chance that by his early to mid-20s, Laroi could end up towering over Post Malone, who is actually over 6 ft tall. 

Just wait until 2024. The Kid Laroi might actually break a record as one of–if not the–tallest pop acts in history. 

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