How Tall Is Wolverine?


Many filmgoers are understandably familiar with Marvel’s most famous mutant antihero, Wolverine. Hugh Jackman played the role of the X-Man, also known as Logan, for over 18 years. Appearing in 10 films, Jackman’s committed portrayal of the comic book legend has earned him many fans and much praise.

At 6 feet 3 inches tall, Jackman was a controversial pick when he was first cast in X-Men in 1999. As fitting as he may have seemed for the role, one thing he didn’t capture perfectly was the comic book character’s height.

How Tall Is Wolverine In The Comics?


According to Marvel’s official records, the comic book Wolverine stands between 5’2” and 5’3”. 

He certainly lives up to his codename. The muscular carnivore indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere that inspired the comic book character are known for a ferocity far greater than their size. They can take on and defeat prey much larger than themselves the same way the no-nonsense mutant does. Over the decades, Wolverine has battled powerful gods, towering Sentinels, and in his very first appearance, the Incredible Hulk.

An attitude that overcomes his smaller stature is just one reason the Canadian X-Man quickly became a favorite amongst fans. Alongside his mysterious origins and grim frontier outlook, he proved to be far more than an attempt to boost comic book sales north of the border.

Although Wolverine continually punches and slashes above his weight, Marvel’s estimate that he also weighs 300 pounds sounds a bit on the heavy side. That’s before you factor in the mutant’s Adamantium-bonded skeleton, which must weigh a ton.

Time proves that Wolverine’s reputation for being shorter than many of his teammates and enemies is a bit unfair, too. The average height of a Canadian man was 5’10” in 2010, but it was 5’7” one hundred years prior to that. Add in the fact that everyone’s favorite non-nonsense mutant was born in 1880 and he doesn’t seem quite so out of place after all.