How to stream Sundance Film Festival selections

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The Sundance Film Festival is usually hosted in Utah, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the 2022 event online. The good news is that movie lovers outside the Utah area can get in on the fun virtually.

So if you want to enjoy some new and experimental films, here is everything you need to know about Sundance 2022.

What Is The Sundance Film Festival? 

Starting in 1978 as the Utah/US Film Festival, the event attempted to bring more filmmakers to Utah. The event proved popular, and it led to the formation of the Sundance Institute non-profit, with the festival changing its name to match the organization in 1984. 

The festival has become famous for premiering some now-classic movies including, Deliverance, Paris Is Burning, and 500 Days of Summer. 

How To Get Access To Sundance Film Festival 2022

This year, Sundance TV will be bringing the festival into homes all across America via streaming. If you want to participate, you’ll need to buy tickets on the Sundance website.

Several ticket packages are available, each giving you access to a different number of movies and perks. 

The cheapest option is the Single Film Pass at $20. This allows you to select one film showing of your choice. This is perfect if there is one specific film you are interested in. 

Next is the Explorer Pass, which retails for $50. Designed for people who want to push their boundaries. The Explorer Pass offers access to the New Frontier and Indie Episodic parts of the festival. This includes a raft of fantastic short and experimental films. This is also the only package open to viewers outside of the USA.

The $100 Day Package gives you everything from the Explorer Pass as well as four tickets for a single day’s showings, which is perfect for those who are looking for a binge-watch movie day. 

The Awards Only Package retails for $300, and like the Day Package, it gives you all of the Explorer Pass perks. However, it also lets you watch the eight award-winner showings, which will show the films that have won the festival’s most prestigious accolades. Due to the festival’s reputation for high-quality cinema, these showings are sure to have several movies that will have you looking at the medium in a whole new light.

The top package is the $750 Festival Package. This package gives you access to ten tickets for films of your choice, access to the award-winner screenings, and everything in the Explorer Pass, making it perfect for those who want to see as much of the festival as possible.

How To Watch Sundance Film Festival 2022

When you purchase your package, you’ll be able to see the screening schedule, allowing you to pick which films you want to watch. 

Then you’ll be able to log into your showing via your web browser or via the Online Festival Screenings App, which you can get on AppleTV, FireTV, Android, Roku, and iOS. 

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