Check Out The First Clip And New Images From How To Train Your Dragon 2


How To Train Your Dragon was one of the biggest surprises of 2010, winning the hearts of critics and audiences alike, garnering an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature and pulling in a whopping $494 million at the box office. Its sequel, How To Train Your Dragon 2, arrives on June 13th and judging by the new trailer, it’s going to be one wild ride that rivals the greatness of its predecessor.

Now that Hiccup and his fearless winged companion Toothless have ushered in an era of peace amongst dragons and humans on the island of Berk, they’ll be taking to the seas. Exploring new lands, discovering new dragons and uncovering a family secret, our heroes find excitement once again when they’re thrown right in the middle of a conflict with the feared dragon hunter, Drago Bludvist. Sounds like quite the adventure to me!

Back at home, it appears that a new sport has captured the hearts of the Vikings of Berk: dragon racing. A new clip from the film shows off a bit of the action, which looks a tad like Quidditch (if you replace broomsticks with dragons, and quaffles with sheep).

The clip features much of what we loved about the first film, including the sharp and imaginative animation style, brought to life with exhilarating and fun high-flying sequences. We also have a few new stills from the film to share, which highlight some new characters and dragons as well as crisp and beautifully rendered details that prove Dreamworks may finally have caught up to Pixar.

Tell us, are you excited for How To Train Your Dragon 2? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Collider