Hugh Jackman Celebrates His One Year Truce With Ryan Reynolds


One year ago today, Marvel stars Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds announced a (sort-of) truce to their social media war of words. For the announcement, each produced an advert for the other’s business – with Jackman starring in an ad for Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, and Reynolds creating an elaborate piece for Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee brand. It’s fair to say the two took rather different approaches to their work.

To commemorate this historic first anniversary, the Jack-man has posted some behind the scenes footage from his (in)famous Aviation Gin advert on Twitter. You can check out the clip below, though I recommend finding the “Truce” video first if you haven’t already. It’ll provide some much-needed context.

Are you #TeamJackman or #TeamReynolds? I ask sincerely. I’m deadly sincere. Dead serious. I’m sincerely dead. Wait, that’s not right. Re-focus energies. Let’s break down the pros and cons for each side.

If we’re going by cinematic output, it goes to Team J, hands down. Until Reynolds has acted in something as moving and nuanced as Logan, he’s not going to be involved in that discussion. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are both funny movies, and I’m open to suggestions from those who know his filmography better than I do. But for now, I’m giving that one to Hugh Jackman.

The other way to judge this though is more ambiguous. Which of their carefully crafted media profiles do you buy into more? Because obviously we have no idea what they’re actually like as people. They might be appalling in every way, with their charming outward personas a sociopath’s façade. I’m inclined to give that one to Team J too, though, as he just seems so damn lovely. But this one is more personal preference than rational conclusion. You’re welcome to take your side.