Hugh Jackman Dons Avengers: Endgame’s Time Travel Suit In Awesome Fan Art


We’re going to be colliding two worlds in this fan art spotlight. Or worlds within a world.

Avengers and X-Men may be two major superhero franchises featuring Marvel Comics heroes, but to date they have very much been separate universes. OK, I know that’s going to change in the near future now that Disney bought all the toys in the store, but as far as Fox’s X-Men characters go, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see them battling criminals alongside the likes of Captain America or Howard the Duck (the greatest Avenger). That leaves any crossovers to the minds of the internet’s creative superfans.

In Avengers: Endgame, we saw a brand new supersuit debuted – a very swish white time-travel outfit that featured prominently in its marketing. Like I said, it’s unlikely we’d ever see, say, Fox’s Wolverine as played by Hugh Jackman donning an Avengers suit. But that doesn’t stop us from wondering what if.

Check out the gallery below to see Instagram artist’s take on how Wolverine would look in the time-travel suit:

Got there in the end. I never miss an opportunity to make things sound more complicated than they are. If I might lend my not exactly penetrating thoughts on the drawing (it’s all me me me today), this Wolverine looks disconcertingly like Mel Gibson. 2020 has given us all some bad breaks, but Mel Gibson’s casting in a superhero movie would be down there with the worst. I hope for your sake you can unsee the likeness (or don’t see it at all).

If you’ve got any thoughts of your own on this Avengers: EndgameX-Men franchise-melding fan art, do leave them below. Hopefully they’ll be more flattering than the comparison I drew.