Hugh Jackman Looks A Lot Like Old Man Logan As He Prepares For The Wolverine 3


Hugh Jackman

Production on The Wolverine 3 is expected to begin soon, and as you can see from photos over at Mail Online and in the Instagram post below, Hugh Jackman is already looking a lot like Old Man Logan. The plot of the James Mangold helmed release is a closely guarded secret, but the actor previously revealed that it will be based on the story by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

For those unfamiliar with the fan favorite arc, it featured Wolverine trekking across the country in an America where the X-Men are all dead and villains like the Red Skull and a deranged Hulk rule the roost.

The Wolverine 3 being an entirely faithful adaptation to this storyline is unlikely, but it’s still going to be interesting to see how closely it attempts to stick to the source material. Jackman portraying a much older version of the clawed mutant should also be a lot of fun, especially as the movie will mark his final appearance as the character, which he’s been playing since 2000.

With Fantastic Four 2 no longer set to be released in 2017, The Wolverine 3 is the only confirmed Marvel movie Fox has on the way (there’s still no word on Gambit). With any luck, more details on it will be revealed in the coming months as shooting kicks off.

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Source: Mail Online

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