Hugh Jackman Is Reportedly On Kevin Feige’s MCU Multiverse Wish List

Logan Wolverine
Image via 20th Century Fox

Hugh Jackman sent the Marvel fandom into meltdown yesterday when he appeared to tease a possible return to the superhero world as Wolverine. The X-Men star posted a couple of cryptic photos on Instagram – a repost of some Wolverine fan art and a snap of himself posing with Marvel president Kevin Feige. When put together, they definitely seemed to suggest he’s currently in talks with Feige to make a surprise comeback as Logan.

So far, Jackman has yet to respond to the speculation in any way, which isn’t surprising as he no doubt knew what he was going to incite when he shared those two images. While the actor lets us stew, then, a new bit of intel potentially adds some context to the situation. Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph claimed in a recent tweet that Feige has been wanting Jackman to make a cameo as Wolvie via the multiverse in some upcoming project. As you can see below, Randolph cites Jackman’s Instagram posts as “more evidence Feige might’ve gotten his wish!”

Jackman last played the immortal mutant in 2017’s Logan, which he’s always maintained was a perfect swansong for the character that he wouldn’t want to ruin by returning to the role. That said, Jackman’s never hidden his excitement at the concept of getting to play in the MCU sandbox. So it’s not that crazy an idea for Feige to have succeeded in talking him around to unleashing those adamantium claws once again.

Randolph goes on to say in a follow-up tweet that his comeback would only be for a “small role” and there’s no chance that he would be returning permanently as the “MCU Wolverine”. Even a Hugh Jackman cameo in, say, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would be enough to blow Marvel fans’ minds, though. But is there really something going on or has Ryan Reynolds been a bad influence on him and he’s just trolling us?