Hugh Jackman’s Reportedly Turned Down The Offer To Play MCU’s Wolverine


Despite Dark Phoenix suffering awful reviews and going on to become the biggest box office bomb of last year, fans are still fully onboard with the X-Men being rebooted once again, but only because the mutants are under new ownership. Fox’s time at the helm of the franchise was marked with inconsistency, which is hardly surprising given that there were sequels, reboots, sequels to reboots, spinoffs and thinly-veiled remakes involved at various points, and based on how the last installment turned out it looked as though the well was starting to run more than a little dry.

Now that the characters are in the hands of Marvel Studios, there’s a renewed sense of excitement and optimism surrounding a property that we’ve already seen on the big screen a dozen times over the last two decades. While we won’t be seeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s X-Men for a long time yet, Kevin Feige is no doubt already planning their eventual introduction into cinema’s most popular series.

Ever since the Fox takeover was completed though, there’s been speculation that Marvel would try and entice Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine, something the actor admitted he would have been game for had the deal happened several years previously. Logan seemed to draw a pretty definitive line under his iconic tenure, but rumors have continued to persist that he might eventually be convinced to return.

However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us a Percy Jackson show is in the works and a Captain Pike Star Trek spinoff is happening, both of which were correct – that Feige extended an invitation to Jackman to reprise the role but was turned down. According to our intel, the 51 year-old simply isn’t interested in returning to play Wolverine full-time, but hasn’t ruled out the idea of making a small cameo somewhere down the line, either, perhaps in the Multiverse or as an alternate version of the hero.

Of course, you can totally understand Jackman’s decision, given that Logan brought his arc to a definitive close in one of the greatest comic book movies ever made after he’d spent the better part of 20 years playing the adamantium-infused mutant. The MCU’s X-Men should signal a fresh start for the characters, too, and that means wiping the slate completely clean and starting over again.