Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Announce Temporary Ceasefire To Their Feud


Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, stars of Fox’s (well, now Marvel’s) X-Men universe have once again called a ceasefire to their ongoing (and seemingly never-ending) feud. The pair have decided to draw a temporary halt in the name of the All In Challenge, a charity that aims to ameliorate food insecurity, a problem that’s become particularly acute amidst the pandemic.

Here’s what Jackman had to say over on Instagram.

Ryan and I have a temporary [ceasefire] on our feud for the @allinchallenge. So, I nominate @drewbrees and @therealmariskahargitay and @therealpeterhermann And, just to screw with him… @vancityreynolds. (WHAAT? A challenge inside a challenge.)

Truth be told, I’d completely lost track of whether Jackman and Reynolds were on truce, ceasefire, all out war, etc. In fact, I’m convinced I’ve seen headlines denoting all three in the last week alone. But for one day only, that day being today, they’re definitely not at war. Until tomorrow, when one assumes they will be. Keep an eye out for more on that, as this probably hasn’t gone away.

Looking back through the many venerated pieces I’ve written for WGTC (self-plug), this at least the fourth time I’ve written up on the Jack Reynolds Ryan Man feudathon – that’s what I’m calling it. I’m not complaining, mind you, as content is content. It begs the question though: which will end first, the lockdown or their feud?

Given that the latter will probably last until the sun expands, saying the lockdown goes first is hardly the most optimistic outlook. Hopefully respite arrives a little sooner than that, though, and ideally before Disney release their PG-13 Deadpool 3, also known as The Fox in Our Stars.

In the meantime, we can all relax at home with our Jackman-sculpted cappuccino and a Reynolds-infused G and T. I feel calmer already.