Hugh Jackman Shockingly Compliments And Congratulates Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman has done the unthinkable and congratulated Ryan Reynolds after he was honored with a recent award.

It turns out that the feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds isn’t all about snarky comments, one-upmanship and a general sense of trolling, with the affable Aussie doing the unthinkable and actually paying his longtime rival a compliment, even going so far as to offer his congratulations.

Reynolds was recently honored at The Wall Street Journal‘s Innovator Awards, where he was recognized for his contributions to entertainment, marketing and entrepreneurship. Taking to his Instagram Stories, the former Wolverine could barely believe what he was saying when he bestowed such praise on the current Deadpool.

“Brace yourselves, I’m about to compliment Ryan Reynolds and the extraordinary team at Maximum Effort on receiving a Wall Street Journal Innovator’s Award. Check please.”

You can’t say that Reynolds doesn’t burn the candle at both ends, maintaining a hectic schedule as A-list movie star and producer, a married father of three, part-owner of Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC, Aviation gin and Mint Mobile, while he also owns and operates the Maximum Effort advertising agency and sits on the board of directors at Match Group.

That’s quite the portfolio for the multi-talented 45-year-old, so you can understand why Jackman would bring himself to offer his support, despite the duo’s well-known and frequently hilarious penchant for mercilessly ribbing each other each time even the slightest hint of an opportunity presents itself.