Hugh Jackman Won’t Be In Snow White And The Huntsman

The casting of the Huntsman role for Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman has hit yet another snag. After Viggo Mortensen declared himself out, negotiations and discussions began with Hugh Jackman, now they’ve ended and Jackman will not be in the movie. The movie has a Snow White in the form of Kristen Stewart and an evil queen in the form of Charlize Theron, but still no Huntsman.

I’m quite surprised by this, this is presumably a high profile project and their lack of actor to fill the shoes of a title character is surprising. I presume the reason why Jackman pulled out was due to his commitment to get The Wolverine on screen, which hit a snag after Darren Aronofsky left.

The studio’s looking for an August start date so they need to find their Huntsman soon, otherwise it could face delays and pushbacks. We’ll keep you posted. (The Wrap)

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