Hugh Jackman Jokes About The Possibility Of A Wolverine Musical


We all know that Hugh Jackman is brilliant as Wolverine, the role he’s shepherded for the past 17 years and finally vacated earlier this year in Logan. But we also know that he’s a great singer and dancer, too, as proven in the likes of Les Miserables and his new movie, The Greatest Showman. It stands to reason, then, that a Wolverine musical could be the best thing you’ve ever seen.

In fact, this suggestion was jokingly put to the star in a recent interview with Yahoo. At first, the actor laughed the idea off, explaining that Logan is not the kind of guy who would start singing and dancing in the middle of one of his movies. When asked if he would be up for the project though, he said:

“No, and nor would Wolverine, I can tell you right now. I think I’ve played him long enough… Actually, you only have to read one comic book to know that’s probably never going to happen.”

When pushed to imagine what form a Wolverine musical would take, Jackman ruled out the idea that it would be full of big show-stopping dance numbers and suggested it might be closer to something like The Blues Brothers instead.

“If he did, it would be in the Blues Brothers world. Think chicken wire and people throwing beer bottles and him slicing them in half. I don’t see kick lines!”

While a Wolverine musical starring Hugh Jackman is obviously not on the cards, the actor’s comments have left us wondering whether we could ever get a Marvel or DC musical at some point in the future. After all, with so many superhero movies around, studios are starting to stretch their legs into other genres to keep things fresh. For instance, the upcoming New Mutants is a superhero horror flick. Plus, The Flash already had a musical episode last season on The CW.

As for a straight-up return to the role of Wolverine for Jackman, that looks like a no, unfortunately. Though there were rumours that the star might be persuaded out of retirement now that Disney owns Fox, Jackman maintains that he’s sheathed his claws for good, and that’s probably for the best.