Hugh Jackman Gym Video Fuels Talk Of A Wolverine Return


It’s now been almost two years since the premiere of Logan, and in all that time, Hugh Jackman has never shown an interest in reprising his role as Wolverine. And yet, even as we kick off 2019, the actor still can’t so much as go to the gym without the fans getting their hopes up all over again.

The Australian star of The Front Runner, The Greatest Showman, and several upcoming projects that have nothing to do with Wolverine took to Twitter with a video of himself lifting weights, and since Logan is a guy who usually looks pretty ripped, Jackman’s followers were all too happy to put two and two together, sharing their suspicions that the actor may have a role in Avengers: Endgame or Deadpool’s next movie:

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that we’ve seen an online wave of fans speculating on the possibility of a Jackman cameo in Endgame, with a misleading Google search result prompting the same theory last month. Nonetheless, if Jackman does have an appearance lined up for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel (and that’s a pretty huge ‘if’), it’s highly unlikely he’d be training for the appearance right now, seeing how the film wrapped production months ago.

But while it’s probably too late for Jackman to be working out for an Endgame cameo, it also seems too early to prepare for a Deadpool team-up, with the planned X-Force movie showing no sign that it’s ready to start filming just yet.

In short, it’s best not to read too much into this new video, but while it certainly looks like Jackman is happy to leave his run as Wolverine in the past, the actor has at least given his blessing for someone else to take on the role.