Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Has To Watch His Back In New Image From Logan


A new trailer for Logan is expected to be released any day now, but in the meantime, we’re finally getting some coloured images from the highly anticipated release. The latest pic shows Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine having to watch his back, and chances are he’s looking out the Reavers, the villainous group of cybernetically enhanced soldiers under the employ of Dr. Zander Rice.

With Logan looking set to be the actor’s final appearance as the iconic mutant (unless Ryan Reynolds can convince him to reprise the role for a Deadpool team-up), it’s interesting to see such a different side of him here. The iconic hero appears to be a lot older and more grizzled than in previous outings, and we know from the first trailer that his healing factor is now on the fritz.

That’s something which is sure to factor into Logan‘s storyline in a big way, especially if Wolverine’s final adventure with Jackman in the role ends with his demise. That’s what happened in the comic books a few years ago, though here’s hoping that Fox and director James Mangold have found a more creative way to kill him off than encasing the clawed mutant in melting Adamantium – if they do indeed decide to kill the character, that is.

Whatever Logan has in store for us, it’s a big movie for the studio. Similar to Deadpool, it has an R-Rating and a lower budget, and they could definitely do with a Marvel hit after the critical and commercial response to Fantastic Four and X-Men: Apocalypse. Then again, with Jackman adamant that this is his last outing as Wolverine, it’s not like Logan needs to do well enough to guarantee a sequel, but still, it would be great for fans to see the character go out on a high note.