Hulk Hogan Wants In On The Expendables 4 With Sylvester Stallone


Part and parcel of The Expendables‘ appeal is the series’ star-studded cast of has-beens, with everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren and band leader Sylvester Stallone dusting off their action gear for another stint in the limelight. And despite the third installment being met with middling reviews not to mention a franchise low $40 million at the domestic box office, The Expendables 4 is all but a given thanks to the series’ appeal overseas.

Without a production start date to call its own, there’s still a lot of negotiations before filming begins in earnest, but someone who wants in on the bombastic action is WWE superstar Hulk Hogan, which could potentially pave the way for an unofficial Rocky III reunion.

Speaking to Movieweb, the fan favorite personality – real name Terry Gene Bollea – revealed that he has had talks with Stallone about a potential role in the unannounced sequel, where he would assume the role of “the most evil man in the world.” How fetching.

We’re trying to figure out a way to maybe turn me into the most evil man in the world. Y’know, Stallone gave me my first break and he’s been a great friend. We had a great conversation, talking about the possibilities. ‘Can I still run, can I still jump?’ Well, not as fast or not as high, but I think Hollywood could find a good stunt man to help me out.

While nothing is confirmed as of yet, Hogan’s wonderfully over-the-top persona would suit The Expendables 4 down to a T. Besides, considering that pervious installments in the action-packed series have seen the villain’s boots filled by Jean-Claude Van Damme and, more recently, Mel Gibson, Stallone will be looking to one-up what has come before and maybe, just maybe, cap off the franchise before it gets even longer in the tooth.

No word yet on a release or even start date for The Expendables 4, but we’ll notify you as soon as we learn more.