Hulk And Rocket Will Form An Unlikely Friendship In Avengers: Infinity War


The Incredible Hulk has enjoyed some awesome fan favourite double acts across the MCU so far. Banner and Tony were the loveable “science bros” in The Avengers, Bruce and Natasha formed a romance in Avengers: Age of Ultron and, most recently, Hulk and the God of Thunder made for a hilarious team in Thor: Ragnarok. In Avengers: Infinity War though, the not-so-jolly green giant will make his unlikeliest bond yet: with Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Rocket Raccoon.

The news comes from Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, who revealed to USA Today that his character would be getting pally with the Bradley Cooper-voiced rodent in the upcoming event movie. On what their dynamic would be like, he explained:

“It’s a very funny relationship that the two of them have: First of all, it’s the biggest superhero and the smallest. Just keeping them in a frame together is a feat and hilarious in itself. All of the universes coming together is just a sight gag within itself.”

Like Ruffalo says, the idea of a little and large dynamic between Hulk and Rocket should be hilarious due to the ridiculousness of the visual but, if you think about it, the pair should be natural buddies, too. Both characters have short fuses and aren’t very friendly. Though Rocket doesn’t explode with rage like the Jade Giant, you definitely wouldn’t want to get on the augmented raccoon’s bad side.

Seeing as this info came from Mark Ruffalo, we’re not sure if we’re supposed to know about the characters’ partnership yet. The actor has had a bad month for leaking things he shouldn’t. It all started with him sharing details of a secret photo shoot featuring the whole of the MCU and climaxed with him accidentally leaking the first ten minutes of Thor: Ragnarok onto the internet.

If he has made another goof, though, Marvel shouldn’t come down too hard on him, as this has only got us even more excited to see Avengers: Infinity War than we already were – if that’s even possible.