We’ve Got A Picture Of The Hulk’s Bed In Thor: Ragnarok And It’s Metal As Hell


Given that the Hulk is an uncontrollable rage monster, it’s a little weird to think of him settling down for a cosy nap. But apparently, that’s exactly what he’s doing in his stint as an intergalactic gladiator in Thor: Ragnarok

As befits a creature of his power, he’s not settling down in some bog-standard bed, either, he’s apparently sleeping in the hollowed out skull of a gigantic monster. Did the Hulk do battle with this thing in the arena, tear its head off and decide it’d be a great place to catch forty winks? Can we dare hope to see the secret origins of the Hulk’s bed in the film? We certainly hope.

The pictures you see here were taken by Liam Burke, author of The Comic Book Film Adaptation, in the Australian Gallery of Modern Art. The exhibition, Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe, sounds brilliant, featuring over 500 pieces of artwork from Marvel’s collection as well as iconic props like Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s armor and Captain America’s shield.

Alongside this peek into the Hulk’s bedroom, we also get a look at the redesigned Asgardian throne room. The idea behind this is that, if you’ll recall the ending of Thor: The Dark World, with Loki (impersonating Odin) now in charge of Asgard, it tells us that he’s decided to redecorate a bit, making the place look a little more energetic than before.

That Taika Waititi is pouring such attention to detail into background props in Thor: Ragnarok can only bode well for the finished product, which hits cinemas on November 3rd.