Huntress Rumored To Appear In Birds Of Prey Movie


When it comes to certain superhero groups, it stands to reason that each iteration hopefully include at least a few of the core characters most fans imagine when said clique comes to mind. In the case of the Justice League, it’s hard to picture it functioning without the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, just as we’d expect Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to show up in anything Avengers-related.

Though the Birds of Prey may be lesser known to the mainstream, Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress are thought to be the quintessential members. So, naturally, when we say that Huntress is rumored to show up in their first silver screen adventure, you bet that our response is “she had damn well better!”

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in Hollywood, though we have learned both Harley Quinn and Batgirl are expected to serve as the central characters in director Cathy Yan’s epic. In addition to those two, Black Canary is seemingly in the mix as well, but Catwoman is not. The Penguin, meanwhile, could end up being the chief antagonist, depending on whichever screenplay the studio settles on.

Getting back to Huntress herself, Omega Underground has gotten word that she’ll be included as well, but they haven’t received total confirmation, thus it’s being labeled a rumor for the time being. Still, not adding her to the recipe would be an outrage, to say the least.

Beyond that, no other details have been given, though we assume the Helena Bertinelli iteration will be the one Yan ultimately goes with. Helena Wayne would work as well, sure, but having this Huntress be the daughter of Batman and Catwoman would paint other filmmakers such as Matt Reeves into a corner in a creative sense.

No matter what info the coming months bring, we’ll keep you posted on all major news pertaining to Birds of Prey, as it seriously has the potential to expose a percentage of moviegoers to a side of Gotham City they’ve never seen before – and make the dreams of us comic book geeks come true in the process.

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