‘I Am Legend 2’ producer teases an ‘unbelievably cool’ sequel


A sequel to Will Smith’s 2007 I Am Legend movie was recently announced to be moving forward, with Smith returning alongside Michael B. Jordan, and now producer Jon Mone has shed a little more light on what I Am Legend 2 will be.

While speaking to Deadline Hollywood at the recent Producers Guild of America Awards show, the King Richard executive producer said what is coming is an unbelievably cool idea, one which made Smith and Akiva Goldsman believe there was another story worth telling. The outlet tried to press on whether the concept is based on one of the graphic novel takes on the Richard Matheson story, but Mone stayed tight-lipped and just said to expect something truly spectacular.

“It’s based on minds of Will, Akvia and Michael B. Jordan who came up with an incredible angle on how to continue the story.”

In the theatrical cut of I Am Legend, Smith’s character dies, famously, whereas in director Francis Lawrence’s preferred take, he lives, and realizes that the monsters, who were more afraid of him than he was of them, are intelligent and emotional beings. A number of users on Twitter have theorized this may be the approach used in the sequel, for which there is no release date set.

Or, they could always retcon what happens below to make it seem like the grenade didn’t kill him after all; we’ll find out. Maybe Jordan will end up being Smith’s son, and/or maybe Smith will be even more of a legendary figure? Time will tell.