‘I, Robot’ trends after creepy robot utterly terrifies the internet

i robot

Will Smith has starred in his fair share of blockbusters over the years, many of them taking place within the sci-fi genre, but it would be fair to say that the events of I, Robot stand a much better chance of being viewed as eerily prescient than the goings-on in Independence Day or Men in Black.

In the action-packed effort, Smith stars as Detective Del Spooner, who uncovers a conspiracy after the alleged suicide of a robotics pioneer. A humanoid robot named Sonny becomes the prime suspect, leading to the discovery of a wide-ranging conspiracy that could be set to culminate in the android uprising.

I, Robot earned $347 million at the box office and scored decent reviews back in 2004, but it’s been a hot topic of conversation for the first time in a long time after footage of Engineered Arts’ latest creation went viral for all the wrong reasons, as you can see below.


Well, that’s nothing short of haunting, and anyone with an aversion to being enslaved by our inevitable robot overlords is set for a sleepless night or ten after seeing this. I, Robot was hardly lauded for realism at the time, but as technology continues to advance, we may need Smith to don those Converse sneakers that had an entire scene dedicated to them in order to save us all.