Ice Cube Quits New Comedy After Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

ice cube

The prospect of seeing Jack Black and Ice Cube squaring off in a comedy was more than enough reason to have Oh Hell No on your radar, the upcoming movie being directed by Bad Trip‘s Kitao Sakurai that was originally scheduled to hit theaters in July of next year.

However, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Mr. Cube has walked away from both the project and his $9 million salary after refusing a request from the producers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The start of production has now been pushed back while Oh Hell No looks for a replacement, although Black remains on board.


Old School‘s Scot Armstrong, Girls Trip‘s Tracy Oliver, Rick and Morty‘s Jessica Gao and 22 Jump Street‘s Rodney Rothman all contributed to the script, so it’s got the potential to be a hilarious film before you even hear the concept.

Cube was set to play Will, who finds his life turned upside down when Black’s Sherman starts dating and falls in love with his mother. Having the rap legend’s permanently furrowed brow and pissed-off demeanor playing off Black’s exuberant stylings would have been a whole lot of fun to see unfold, but it’s back to square one for Oh Hell No now that one of the leads has departed.