I’d Rather Be At The Movies: “Captain America Saves The Day!” (Episode 6)


Well, it looks like the strenuous schedule of hosting a weekly podcast got to both Justine and I, because we’ve made the executive decision to turn I’d Rather Be At The Movies into a bi-monthly show – yes, you can expect fortnightly episodes from here on out. Until we’re funded by some multi-billionaire who can pay us to only talk about movies, life’s chaotic clutches will always have a grasp on the two of us, and adhering to a twice a month schedule makes much more sense. You wouldn’t want us to burn out and vanish off the face of podcasting, now would you?

With that said, we’re back once again to talk cinema, and what a week to return. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier opening this weekend, we’ve already got a nice box office behemoth to dissect – something I’ve already done in my review. I wanted Justine’s input on the franchise to aid my review, because we have wildly different opinions on Captain America: The First Avenger. She’s a supporter, I’m a nay sayer. What’s more entertaining than two hosts fighting over Chris Evans’ bulgy muscles and patriotic mindset? Nothing, it’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer.

Aside from the pertinent Marvel mumbo-jumbo, a few other big name movies came out that required our bantering. Going with more of an action angle this week, Justine was very excited to pick my brain about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newest film Sabotage, and was equally interested to talk about the violent nature of The Raid 2. One of these movies is a tantalizing treat, while the other is a mean-spirited exploitation extravaganza with absolutely no value. Hint hint, Gareth Evans is responsible for the successful film – and if you don’t know who that director is, it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing.

So sit back and relax, and soak in another wonderful episode of I’d Rather Be At The Movies. As a note, please don’t comment at my gross mispronunciation of names. I’d had an awful long day at work, and we ended up podcasting in the dead of night. My brain was nothing more than glorified beef stroganoff. I know his name is Joe Manganiello, but when you’re deliriously discussing movies, sometimes those letters get all jumbled in your mouth. So be it. I accept your punishment.


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