Idle Hands Star Devon Sawa Says He’d Make A Sequel In A Heartbeat

Idle Hands

Idle Hands

Howdy all. I’m having a crummy day. A repairman spilled gross A/C water on my PC, along with other parts of my mostly-carpeted apartment, and the computer is acting stupid now. I’m trying not to freak out by keeping busy, because, as they say, Idle Hands are the Devil’s playthings.

Speaking of which, I guess Devon Sawa, star of the aforementioned film, needs something to do to keep his fingers moving because he recently expressed a desire to revisit the cult classic. When asked by about doing another entry, the actor got pretty excited, saying:

“In a heartbeat. If there was one film that I want to do a sequel to that would be the one. Just because that set was, between Elden [Henson], and Seth Green, and Vivica Fox, [Jessica] Alba, Jack Noseworthy, and all those people, it was like summer camp and it was so much fun!”

He laughingly expressed doubt about that ever happening, though, considering the original film wasn’t a smash financially. “The first one didn’t… I think it broke even or something like that, but you never know,” Sawa says.

I mean, crazier things have happened with longer gaps in between, ya know? Besides, with the 2020s coming up, the 30 Year Gap effect will be in full swing, with all 90s media being remade at a rapid pace.

Idle Hands

Personally, I liked the original. I saw it on USA late at night when I was younger, instantly fell in love with Jessica Alba and learned a lot about pot. I think the concept is interesting, too, and the movie had a good balance of humor and horror. Plus, if we do this, we could cast Macaulay Culkin as either the new best friend or the secondary antagonist and resolve the Sawa-Culkin feud once and for all.

Anyone else ready to take a bong rip and lose control of one of your primary appendages? Me too! In all honesty, though, hopefully Idle Hands gets a sequel, as it’d be a fun throwback and you could also make endless 90s jokes.